TFT Member Websites and Your Account Information

An increasing number of membership websites are powered by TFT, a new service and tech platform for launching communities.  Each TFT site is unique and has its own characteristics that make it different from any other TFT website, however your account information stays the same across all TFT sites so you do not have to keep creating new identities or profiles.

Site-Specific Information

Information such as posts, comments and photos that you share on a given TFT website will stay specific to that site.  Members of another TFT site would not be able to see any of your posts.

  • Because posts, comments, photos, videos and other media are not the same as your user account, they are unique to each individual TFT site.

Consistent Information Across TFT Sites

Your name, profile picture and profile fields (example: “my favorite color”) will remain consistent across all TFT websites.  Members of other TFT sites will not be able to see your profile unless you decide to become a member of their site.   If you do become a member of their TFT site, your profile will appear similar to its appearance on all other TFT sites.

Security Considerations and Best Practices

With great shared power comes great shared responsibility!  Please consider the following security considerations and best practices as you continue to enjoy TFT websites:

  • Be Yourself: do not attempt to create false or strange identities on TFT websites.  When you sign up for additional TFT sites, the same profile information will remain consistent and so make sure your profile really reflects who you are!
  • Be Smart: do not post your address or personal phone number on any web profiles, including TFT websites.  It’s better to wait until trusted users ask you for this information and post your response where fewer users will be able to see it.
  • Be Certain: if you are not sure that a given website is using TFT, look up their site name and url on the TFT site directory to confirm that it’s a real TFT site before entering in your email and password to sign in.

TFT Websites

Every day, new individuals are choosing to create communities with TFT.  Visit the TFT site directory for a list of trusted TFT websites and their domain names.