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Calling all Prosperous Individuals – if you are a person who loves business, family, God or all three, perhaps you have what it takes to join our network!

Websites on the TFT network come standard with fantastic performance and traffic benefits, as well as the ability to support custom member profiles and custom profile questions.

The original Fentriss team: Avery, Steve, Madison and Evan.

Why are TFT Network Sites Different?

Sites and blogs on the TFT network come standard with a few remarkable features you don’t usually find on typical websites.

Member Profiles and Registration

Visitors who believe in you and your business will want to join your team, and in order to do that they will want to somehow subscribe to your site.  TFT sites go beyond simple email-lists and provide a full user registration and member profile creation experience.

Member profiles on your TFT site feature a subscriber’s picture, background photo, and their answers to several custom questions that you get to choose.

Profile questions are a compelling and important way to get your subscribers to answer questions about themselves and why they decided to seek out your business or brand.  If your current website or blog does not support member profiles, user registration or custom profile questions, you may be able to benefit by upgrading to a TFT network site.

Fact: no two sites on the list of TFT Membership Sites have the same set of member profile questions.

Customer-Generated News Feed

Sites on the TFT network feature a member-only news feed that shows not only your branding elements (logo, site name), but also photos and comments added by your unique group of members.

If your TFT network site is intended to support a business or nonprofit venture, you may think of this as customer-generated content, an important tool for understanding the people who support your enterprise.

Additional Features for Prosperous Individuals

TFT sites are also capable of supporting eCommerce, paid subscriptions and other modern commercial strategies.  Whether your main motivation is to promote a business, support a family or increase your impact in the community, we believe funding and commerce are important topics your website should be able to address.

I Already Have a Website.  Why Join the TFT Network Instead?

If you already own a website or blog, you may be more of an independent, “do it myself” type of person.  We understand – that’s how we are too.

By trusting an experienced tech family with some of your code, design and hosting, you may be able to enjoy several benefits of joining a network of sites:

  • Increased Traffic – at the discretion of site owners, many TFT sites tend to link to each other and share web traffic.
  • Consistent User Experience – our sites are unique when it comes to their design and specific functionality, but share several common user experience patterns.  So, users of one site are generally very open to joining another site on the TFT network.
  • Increased Performance – sites on our network are optimized for speed and mobile performance.  No more struggling with themes or plugins that slow down your blog or website.

How Can I Tell if I’m a Prosperous Individual?

The TFT network is committed to serving those who prioritize a clean, positive lifestyle.  We believe that it doesn’t matter where you were born, what you look like, or what you believe – but it does matter how you decide to live your life.

Four Prosperity Questions

Before joining our network, we’ll ask you to consider what we believe are four important questions for prosperity.  You don’t need a “yes” to all four, but you need at least one…

  • Do I love business?  Do you love to help others, while seeking also to improve your own situation?  Are you excited about providing products or services?  Do you seek not only short term wealth and prosperity, but also long term success as well?  Do you spend time working towards your own business goals?
  • Do I love family?  Families are even more important than businesses, and require just as much effort to manage.  Do you seek to bring your family together?  Do you feel that family members are often more important than friends?  Do you take time out of your day to spend time with your family?
  • Do I love God?  Do you believe in a higher power?  Do you believe that all natural events are connected by a deeper purpose?  Do you find meaning in simple things?  Do you spend time thinking about God, or going to worship with others?
  • Do I love all three?  Some people want it all.  Are you the kind of person who chooses “all of the above?”

If you believe that you solidly can answer “yes” to even one of the above questions, you may be a prosperous individual.  If you are looking to take your blog or website to the next level, the TFT network may be the right place for you.

How Can I Add My Site to the TFT Network?

If you are ready to consider moving your existing site or blog to the TFT network, or perhaps if you are new to the world of blogging and looking to set up your first site, please register for TFT to get started.