Create a News Feed With Customer Generated Content

Could a custom news feed benefit your business? Use member profiles and customer generated content to create a compelling source of news that customers will want to read.

Every day, your business has a chance to influence the actions of customers, employees and other important stakeholders who care about your brand. Creating a customer-generated news feed on your website can give your members a reason to sign in and check for updates, new products and interesting posts from others like them.

What’s In a News Feed?

News feeds can be found on almost any website – they are called blogs, RSS feeds, news aggregators or simply “feeds.” Feeds usually consist of a combination of user generated content, published content and sponsored content. To create a compelling news feed for your business, it will be important to understand all three:

  • User Generated Content can be posted by anyone on your website who has created a member profile.
  • Published Content is automatically included in the news feed because it’s published by either your company, or another trusted news source.
  • Sponsored Content is like published content, but typically displays a small “sponsored” disclaimer to let readers know that it’s being featured because the publisher paid a sponsorship or advertising fee.

What is Customer Generated Content?

As a growing business, many of your website’s users will be either paying customers or prospective customers. Most of your user generated content will be customer generated content, because news items like photos and comments will be posted by customers of your business.

Customer Photos and Videos

Some of your customers may want to share photos or videos on your news feed. This can help them express the kind of lifestyle your business promotes, or even help them show off pictures of your products and services. If your news feed supports photo sharing, you may want to encourage customers to share certain types of photos that feature your brand.

Customer Comments and Feedback

Asking customers to share success stories (or even complaints) can make your news feed more interesting and more useful. Finding out about customer issues on your business’ website is a more direct, responsive way to gather feedback and see what your customers are saying about your business.

New Customer Profiles

It can also be helpful to feature member profile pages for new customers who have signed up to join your website. News feeds can be programmed or customized to show a special message every time a new member joins.

How Can My Business Create a Customer-Generated News Feed?

With a little time and plenty of enthusiasm, any business can create an exciting, professional news feed that features customer generated content. It will be important to put your news feed on a website that features your brand and helps members find your products and services.

As a first step, make sure your website supports new user registration, member profiles and an email notification system so members can find out about new events or posts.

If your website uses TFT, you’ll be able to add a news feed automatically by setting up member profiles.

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