What are Member Profiles?

Member Profiles are pages your customers can create to answer detailed questions about themselves, their lives and their goals.

If your business can benefit from developing specific, valuable relationships with each of your customers, then member profile technology could be exactly what you need to gather unique customer information without a lot of hassle.

Why are Member Profiles Important?

Your business probably already has online tools for gathering basic customer information, such as their name and phone number. Member profiles go beyond gathering basic information – they give your customers a chance to answer important, detailed questions that are not necessarily “business critical.”

Most people love to share specific details about themselves, as long as you have a good reason for asking. Member profiles are an important tool for businesses that want to develop deeper customer relationships by asking interesting questions.

How Do Member Profiles Work?

When new customers decide to sign up for your website, they will fill out basic information to create an account. If your website is equipped with member profiles, new members can be asked to also build a profile before they continue using the website.

  • Profile Picture: members can upload a picture of themself to share with you and other members. You can decide whether or not to require profile pictures for your members.
  • Background and Bio: member profiles often use a “cover image” or background image to provide additional design choices. Ask your members to upload a background image and write a short bio about who they are.
  • Open Ended Questions: most profiles ask questions like “what are your favorite things to buy online?” or “who do you admire most?” Open ended questions encourage members to think critically and write more information about themselves.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: businesses can encourage members to choose from a limited menu of answers when they are filling out some profile questions. For example “how many cars do you currently own” could be broken into choices like “one, two, three, more than three.”

Profiles can often be configured to require certain questions to be completed, or just a percentage of all questions. It’s important to be clear with your website users about what information is required and what isn’t.

Does My Site Support Member Profiles?

Almost any website can be configured to support a user registration process that collects basic user accounts information. Member profiles are simply a detailed extension of user accounts – but do require a fair amount of knowledge, experience and design sense to implement well. It is also important to support features such as member search, photo sharing, messaging other members customizing additional steps for new members who do complete their profile.

To add member profiles to your website, talk to your web designer about setting up a profile system, or use the Get Profiles page on TFT.

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